Seed-based Nutrition

Supports Chiropractic Care  

Seed-based Nutrition

Supports Chiropractic Care  

and Provides You Passive Income

I’ve partnered with a company that has created a brand new category in the billion dollar nutritional industry! 

Visual Odyssey has created a focused marketing program for Chiropractic office utilization.

This is an untapped market. RAIN is a multi-million dollar company with distribution in 30+ countries and 
yet barely available in North America. 

You can offer these unique Seed Nutritionals your patients won't find anywhere else.

This program is designed to reward you for your patients' consumption.

If you wish it can also reward you for sharing this business with fellow Chiropractors.

Click above for a 3 minute simplified video on the commission program.

This is in addition to the income directly form patients on Auto-ship.

Click Below to Learn
how you can add this Nutrition to your practice:

Bruce Goldsmith on how to get this Seed-based Nutrition in your office.