Seed-based Nutrition

Supports Chiropractic Care  

Seed-based Nutrition

Supports Chiropractic Care  

and Provides Progressive Patient Health


Non-Disclosure Agreement

Why is there a privacy agreement? 

I understand your question.

It’s because I’m about to share a powerful patient acquisition and retention tool and system with you.

To get the link to download your own ‘Forever Free’ Neuropatholator PopUp Software …


Please follow these 3 simple steps.

Step 1. Agree to not share your password to the program.

 “Why do you need me to agree to this?”

This software has the ability to help you recruit and keep patients.
To help you implement this power,
we will be sharing information periodically with
tips and hints to help you get the most value from this tool.
Every month you will be automatically sent a new password via email (and text if you choose).


Along with that password there will be additional info to be more effective at reaping the benefits of this program.

If you share your password with another Chiropractor, they will be robbed of the opportunity to get the most out of it.
Also, should you decide to upgrade to one of our more robust Neuropatholator options,
you will protect Visual Odyssey’s right to earn our reward for creating such (powerful) practice building tools.

We are also providing you our proprietary online funnel system to help you build a network.


Want your buddies to enjoy the FREE Neuropatholator PopUp? Great.
Simply send them to the link that got you here.
I promise we’ll take good care of them just like we will take good care of you.
So please agree by clicking the button below and
then you will go to Step 2.
Where we will have lots of info on our unique supplement line for you to explore.

I agree to protect Visual Odyssey and my fellow DCs by not sharing the monthly passcode or any content I receive. … Now, please take me to the application for my FREE Neuropatholator PopUp download. And more information on how to get my Sample of the Seed-based Nutrition . Thanks!

 I can’t agree to this NDA at this time so I won’t be downloading the software BUT I’m very interested in trying this unique Seed-based Nutrition.