Seed-based Nutrition

Supports Chiropractic Care  

Bruce Goldsmith, President of Visual Odyssey, wants to give you FREE software, introduce you to Nutrition you're not aware of, and help you earn passive income.

Unique Nutrition, 

Free Software, and Enduring Income.

You are one of the very first Chiropractors who are seeing these powerful nutritional solutions.

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Here are 3 benefits you will get by adding 
this Nutrition and Software to your practice

Greater Patient and Family Health

The Free Neuropatholator software and mobile app will educate others to this unique nutrition.

Seeds are the densest packages of nourishment and they are now tasty to drink and easy to digest.



More Office Income

The Neuropatholator will help your patients understand the need for chiropractic care 
and how this seed based nutrition will complement your adjustment.


Your Patients will receive a monthly supply and will be looking forward to each delivery.



and Passive Income

Your Patients will feel better, follow through, and likely continue consuming this daily for years.