Seed-based Nutrition

Supports Chiropractic Care  

Seed-based Nutrition

Supports Chiropractic Care  

and Provides Progressive Patient Health


But it only works if they'll take it!

Let's face facts. If a healthy food supplement is going to work, patients have to take it as suggested.

If it looks gross. Probably won't do it.

If it tastes bad. Very little compliance.

If it's a lot of work. Even less compliance.


Getting 7 servings of veggies plus essential fatty acids, proteins and vegan omegas on a daily basis could be a drag


You get your patients on SOUL by RAIN.

Check out the Video (only a little over a minute)

Here's what your Free Neuropatholator will do.

 I can’t agree to this NDA at this time so I won’t be downloading the software BUT I’m very interested in trying this unique Seed-based Nutrition.

Nutrition and Software Together Get You:

Greater Patient and Family Health

1. Teach your patients about Chiropractic and nutritional building blocks necessary for health.

 2. Address major health needs with seed-based formulations.

 3. Offer a unique product category that they can’t get in the store or at other DC's offices.

 4. Enjoy Powerful Results and More Patient Satisfaction.

More Chiropractic Office Income

1. Patients educated by Neuropatholator refer more and follow through while saving time.

2. Offer your patients your price for the nutrition and get $20 per box.

3. Have the product shipped to their house - so no inventory necessary.

 4. Witness better compliance.

 5. Get paid Weekly.

6. Enjoy high levels of retention.

Passive Income / Time and Effort Leverage / Retirement

 1. Help your patients even when they aren't in your office.

 2. Enjoy regular income from your past effort.

3. Keep helping your patients even after you retire.

 4. (Optional) Help other DCs have the same benefits and reap the affiliate income.

 5. (Optional) Give others you know (not necessarily other DCs) the gift of additional income.

 6. (Optional) Use our automated process to create an online business congruent with who you are.

Ways to Implement This Your Office

 1. Start by offering some of your long-time patients the opportunity.
to help you evaluate these as you monitor them with a survey we provide.

2. Show them the Free Chiropractic and Supplement Patient Education Software.

3. Hang the Free Office Posters

4. Hand out the Free Pamphlets

 5. Get a Free listing in the HealthAligner Mobile App

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