Scientifically speaking and motivationally healing,

Alan has invested a life time in the field of anti-aging,

health and consciousness. 

Plant, seed and harvest.

What's on your thought menu tonight?

Since 1986, I have helped hundreds of Doctors and Wellness Care professionals germinate new patients. I do this through entertainment and humor at screenings, webinars, dinner talks and corporate events.

And now, I want to give you Visual Odyssey’s software.

What you receive for FREE will interactively SHOW your patients that you KNOW what they are FEELING, and how that could not only have a SPINAL CAUSE, but you have the unique tool-set to address their problem.

FreeChiroSoftware.com is your NEW FREE access to the Neuropatholator software that makes it easy to motivate your patients. It’s like having your most important posters come to life.

So stay green my freinds with proven intergrated wellness programs that are sure to help you and your practice bloom. For more information/consultation or a Reiki Treatment,  


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